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Topics: Stelios Haji-Ioannou, EasyGroup, Brand Pages: 6 (1635 words) Published: January 2, 2012
Case study 9 Extending the easy business model Allen v.d Merwe Characterising the easyGroup business model According to the case study, 'Easy Group is a privately owned investment venture owned by Stelios Haji-loannou' with Stelios founder of Easyjet in 1995. Since the founding of Easyjet, it has grown rapidly to a number ventures with each venture falling under the "low cost/ low price management concept model" (Easy group business model assessment, 2008). There are a few other low-cost ventures under the easy group brand name, namely: Easycar, EasyHotel, Easy InternetCafe, EasyCruise. Easymoney, Easypizza and has many other joint venture's. The first venture was born under the strict policy of yield management, that was the guideline and basis for every venture that joined Easy Group. The concept of Easy Group is to create and deliver the lowest price to customers with no added frills. This means that goods/services are set available at the lowest price for customers. Easy Group uses the concept of minimising human intervention, and letting technology take over the processes and operations to make work easier. There could be looked at the following: Mission: Easy Group is in quest of new Business opportunities, such as the Easy Cinema project. The Easy Cinema project was created to look at whether a cinema exhibition venture could be established. Vision: Easy Group wants to open a multiplex, and wants to enter into the UK Cinema market. Objective: The objective is to see whether it is possible to enter into the UK Cinema market, with a low cost/ low price management concept model. Strategic capability: Easy group already has an well established brand name, wanting to enter the Cinema market by replicating the success of easyjet and implementing it into the new concept. Strategy: According to the case study, Easy group wants to create Long-term capital growth by reducing the cost of living and that would extend the easy brand. Yield management "Yield management is a Methodology method to optimize/maximize the revenue earned from a fixed, perishable resource by understanding, anticipating and the reaction a customers reaction" (Easy group business model assessment, 2008). The goal is to sell the right goods/services to the right customers at the right time. Yield management is the basic implementation of supply and demand to create revenues. The Easy group make use of Yield management through the use of technology to use less resources and make things easier such as to use the internet to buy tickets instead of having to wait

Easygroup Case Study
You have been asked to conduct a training needs analysis of a selected organisation and present this in a formal report. To do this you will need to select a business that you are familiar with, either one you work in or you have knowledge of. 

Terms of Reference
I have been asked to conduct a training needs analysis of Easy Group Plc  Background to the business:
The easyGroup is the private investment vehicle of Stelios, the serial entrepreneur. The easyGroup is the owner of the easy brand and licenses it to all of the easy branded businesses, including easyJet plc, the airline Stelios started in 1995 and in which he remains the largest single shareholder.   

The easy brand currently operates more than a dozen industries mainly in travel, leisure, telecoms and personal finance.

The easyGroup profits by either selling shares in the businesses or by licensing or franchising the brand to reputable partners. The easy brand currently operates more than a dozen industries mainly in travel, leisure, telecoms and personal finance. Business activities:


Every easy branded business is online.   And most receive their...
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