Topics: Chinese-language surnames, Chinese surname, Objection Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: February 11, 2013
BUS 500J (1498)—ASSIGNMENT #3—WINTER 2013
Using the Research Paper for your analysis, refute the following statement in a 1-2-page analytical report: The writer clearly had no idea what they were doing. The paper has no central focus. The information seems to have been randomly selected and dumped into the paper without any logic or organization. Additionally, sources were not properly cited or referenced. Overall, this is a really bad example of research-based writing. To make your refutation meaningful, you must use “evidence” from the paper to back up your counter arguments. Make sure to indicate the location of your “evidence” by means of the page numbers and the paragraph numbers in which it is located. For example, “On the second page of the paper, paragraph #4, we can see…” As always, your 1-2-page report should be single-spaced and in block format. As this is an analytical report, good organization is vital if your ideas are to be clear. It should have a professional appearance and be well organized with clear headings where necessary. Use Times New Roman 12 pt font. Your analytical report is due via e-mail to cjagannathan@laverne.edu on/before 12:30/5:30 pm today.

Group Assignments are as follows:

1. Jin Chen, Shen Mengqi, Bing Bai
2. He Huang, Feng Zhang, Zhibao Zhang
3. Wen Huang, Tingting Lin, Yafei Xia
4. Nikita Kuklinskiy, Hanbei Xu, Zhouqi Lu, Huixuan Xiao
5. Chieh-yu Lin, Tianyou Zou, Mengie Hou
6. Yunzhe Ji, Chi Yuan, Bo Liu
7. Tong Ran, Xi Zhang, Qibei Wu
8. Hanguang Liu, Lan Liu, Wenxian Jin
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