Easy Sports E commerce term project

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“ Easy Sports”
—An online platform for sports fans
E-commerce Proposal

Nan Hu 胡楠
Ziqiang Guo 郭自强
Haijing Sui 隋海婧
Junyi Zhong 钟隽仪
Nan Fu 付楠
Qiansheng Hou 侯千乘

We would like to build a website which is called Easy Sports, where we can offer various kinds of service for sports lovers, including but not limited to booking sports venues, finding sports partners, finding appropriate coaches, purchasing sports equipment, etc.

The website would operate on a local base at first, and then it would be enlarged into bigger area. Our business plan and detailed analysis are as followed.

Part One: Investigate the Opportunity of Employing EC
Before we put forward our detailed analysis about how to set up our website and fulfill our ideas, there is a question that why we choose E-commerce? How could E-Commerce satisfy the needs of both customers and companies in this field? 1. Consumer Analyses

To specify this, we shall analyze the characteristics of sports customers in the market first, which are different from other specific fields to some extent. To begin with, the difference is that with sports, fans tend to develop strong relationships with their favorite teams and these teams hold a special place in their life.


This product relationship has more depth than more typical targets of traditional marketing like a laundry detergent or shirt.
Moreover, sports fans will spend large amounts of money on game tickets, stay up late researching player statistics, or write letters to their favorite players. Whereas, another element that makes sports marketing unique from traditional marketing is that it is unpredictable, rapidly changing, and inconsistent. Unlike selling a concert with a set playlist and agenda, a marketer never knows what is going to happen in the ninth inning of a baseball game.

Consequently, all of these qualities make sports both difficult and enjoyable to market.
2. E-Commerce benefits sports marketing
After our research, we find that most recently, the hottest trend in sport marketing is utilizing the Internet. Whether by a team website, social media page, or blog, nearly all teams are using the Internet as part of their marketing strategy to build relationships.

The Internet is not only used as a tool to obtain information but, due to recent technology, it can be utilized as a two-way communication system. Now, websites are not only media sources but they are also a means for fans to communicate with the organization.

This provides consumers with a stronger relationship with the team and in turn, increases brand awareness and profitability, which is the key point of the companies. To make a comparison with foreign websites, the most common trends in sport marketing practices can be found in Table 1 as below:


Based on these facts, we can see that using E-commerce to fulfill our idea is the best way. It not only satisfies both consumers and our needs, but also represents the latest trend in sports business.

3. Requirements for sports websites
At the same time, there are also some key requirements when we consider how to set up our website.

Stay up-to-date with current trends in technology and utilize them in marketing practices.


Continue to enhance the social media offerings on the team’s website.


Do not only focus on the quantity of fans but also on forming meaningful relationships with fans.


Pursue other forms of sport marketing on top of marketing through the Internet.


Closely monitor the marketing practices used by the other sports to see if they should be adopted and adapted.


Continuously evaluate marketing practices for success and forecasting.


Part Two: Identify Competitors

Online booking websites
a) Coujiao.com
Coujiao.com is an online...
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