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Topics: International trade, Economics, Trade Pages: 2 (365 words) Published: May 16, 2014
Kiwi cheese Ltd. is a New Zealand’s one of the reputed company who manufactur the various kinds of cheese. I am working in this company at certain position. As the Company’s Operations Manager and Sales Manager received an E-mail on their website regarding the enquiry of exporting the cheese to India. My Boss ordered me to create a report for Board of Directors on the ‘conduct, financing and settlement of finances’ on the portion of this opportunity. In this report, I am going to lay out certain prospects like Business Strategies, Financing and Letter of Credit to export the cheese to India.

Benefits to export in India: The benefits of exporting the Kiwi cheese to India are mentioned as follows: Globalization: By Exporting Kiwi cheese to India can be helpful in economic growth of the company as well as of New Zealand and it may be helpful in widen the product range and services by the company. The widespread availability of global goods, services may positively impacts the lifestyle of citizens. Trade Relationships and Agreements: Trade agreement between two or more countries can be known as Free Trade Agreement(FTA). It makes international trade easier and more efficient. It can set certain rules between New Zealand and India which is good for both economically. FTA can be benefitted for exporters as well as importers. (Mfat, 2013) International Consumers: By expanding the customer base internationally gives an opportunity to the company to optimise economies of scale. It will increase the number of consumers and will be recognized worldwide. Minimize the effect of seasonal fluctuation in Sales: To export in India, the level of risk of seasonal fluctuations in sales would be less because the weather of India and of New Zealand, is completely opposite. It may happen that which product is not getting used due to off season in New Zealand, may be highly in demand in India. Improving efficiency and product quality: By participating in international market,...
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