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Which Liquid Dissolves Sugar Free LifeSavers Quickest?

The purpose of my experiment is to find out which liquid,(orange juice, water, Coca-Cola, or Sprite), dissolves Sugar Free Life Savers the quickest.I think the Sprite will dissolve the Life Saver the quickest because it has the highest acidity, with ph levels reaching 2.4. The ph scale ranges from 0 to 14. Battery acid reaches 0 on the scale. 7 is considered neutral. Sprite has a ph level of 2.4. Coca-Cola has a ph level of 2.5. Orange juice has a ph level of 3.5. And water has a ph level of 7.0.

My materials for this experiment include 4 small covered glass containers,four cherry Sugar Free Life Savers, a timer, and Coca-Cola, Sprite, tap water, and orange juice. First, I poured 1 cup of each liquid in their own seperate container. Then I dropped one cherry Sugar Free Life Saver in each and put the lid on each. After that, I started the timer and recorded the amount of time it took for each Life Saver to dissolve in each liquid.

It took Sprite 39 minutes to dissolve the candy, Coca-Cola 42 minutes, water 49 minutes, and orange juice 72 minutes when I did this experiment. My findings did support my hypothesis; Sprite did dissolve the LifeSaver the quickest. To improve this experiment in the future, i could put 3 LifeSavers in each container instead of just 1 to see if the acid in the liquids is still strong enough to eat through each LifeSaver.
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