Easy Come, Easy Go

Topics: Sea urchin, Plant, Sunlight Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: March 3, 2014
Kristen Bohan  Descriptive Essay
Easy Come, Easy Go
No feeling compares to the laid back, easygoing atmosphere while spending a day on Lake Anna welcoming the summer sun and heat of July. As we drove along the winding, one lane road through the countryside, I rolled the window down to fill the acres of tall grass with the blasting echoes of the radio. The breeze played with my hair moving it in every direction, tickling my nose. I didn't care how it looked. This summer day was to be spent feeling at ease embracing my last moments of summer with my cousins. As we pulled in the driveway the sound of the car tires crunching the sea of rocks below us filled me with excitement, we're so close. The sounds of barking gradually approached us. Rascal, the four legged human with silky caramel fur was always tagging along even on the Jet Ski. He greeted us as we walked along the garage as the lake came into view. The scene was picturesque with vibrant, freshly, grazed green grass that stretched until it reached the dock. Tall trees fenced off the sides and created a canopy that shaded the entire yard from the sweltering sun. In the left corner the grass cascaded into sand where the water calmly rocked back and forth. The air was quiet, the wind breathed through the trees and faint joyful shrieks could be heard from across the lake. Each step towards the dock felt like it occurred in slow motion as the anticipation filled up inside me; I just wanted to run down and jump in the water. The water stretched out in front of me in all directions, until it was greeted by trees on the other side. As a boat passed by pulling an inner tube with jauntily giggling children, the sleeping lake was awakened by a white tail following them. A jet skier darted past flying through the water, bouncing off the wake of other boats, and getting cooled off with the mist. I stepped down the ladder. The ninety-five degree water soothed my skin while the seaweed played with my toes....
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