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Instructor:MS. MARGARET BARNHARTCampus Office:214 Stickney Hall Office Hours:See Schedule on last pageOffice Phone:483-2127 E-mail:Margaret.Barnhart@dickinsonstate.edu


College Composition II is the advanced practice in college-level writing that derives from use of sources and applied rhetorical strategies. Students will develop their skill at writing effective essays that incorporate sources from college-level research. Students will improve their ability to argue logically and reasonably, broaden their use of library resources, and enhance their ability to think critically and analytically. This course will focus on the development of the argument mode as one of the major rhetorical modes of writing.

I.Institutional Student Learning Outcomes
A. Critical Thinking Skills: Students will demonstrate critical thinking in a variety of contexts for life- long learning. Composition 120 is designed to develop higher order and critical thinking skills by requiring students to demonstrate successful application of research methods to the creation of researched argument essays.

B. Communication and Technology: Students will demonstrate proficiency in communication skills in a
variety of forms including the effective use of current technologies and other information resources.
Composition 120 is designed to advance the basic academic success skills of writing proficiency and
the sophisticated use of library resources for researching and developing argument essays.
C. Multicultural and Global Experience: Students will demonstrate knowledge of national and inter-
national multiculturalism and the importance of global citizenship. Composition 120 is designed to
further students’ awareness through a variety of readings that represent multicultural experiences and
D. Aesthetic Experience: Students will demonstrate knowledge of the arts and humanities including participation in or attendance at artistic activities. Composition 120 is designed to develop students’ skills with and recognition of the art of the written word including the humanities focus on analytical reading skills as demonstrated by serious college-level research. E. Discipline Based Knowledge: Students will demonstrate discipline-specific knowledge and career skills related to their field/s of study. Composition 120 is designed to develop the students’ awareness of the critical grammatical and stylistic skills necessary for producing effective research and logical presenta- tion of argument, effective in personal and professional settings.

II.Program and Course Student Learning Outcomes
A. Composition 120 requires that students demonstrate advanced, college-level communication skills by
presenting written research essays that reflect grammatical and rhetorical soundness as determined by
college-level standards of proficiency. The students will demonstrate in written synthesis and research
essays the successful acquisition of skills in synthesis of ideas, analysis of argument, and research of
information to develop and improve argument skills.
B. Composition 120 requires that students demonstrate the acquisition of critical thinking skills by
requiring students to read a variety of essays and to conduct a research regimen that provides logical
foundation for research essays. Upon completion of Composition 120, students will produce college-
level research essays, respond critically to contemporary and enduring issues, and present work that is
free of serious grammatical and stylistic errors. This provides background for the advanced reading,
writing, and research activities that will be required in later...
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