Eastern vs. Western Culture

Topics: Culture, Western culture, Cultural anthropology Pages: 4 (1208 words) Published: September 18, 2011

“The Last Supper,” the painting of Da Vinci illustrates the mental states of each subject and the expressions in a vivid manner and bring the subjects to life. Qi Baishi, a renowned painter of traditional Chinese painting, famous for painting shrimps could bring subjects to life within seconds. Both of them possess painting techniques which are extraordinary, but their styles are completely different. The famous Chinese painter Master Li Hongzhi said, “As for these two artistic systems of mankind, both the East and the West have had an inheriting process in their respective ethnic cultures for several thousand years, but the styles of these two types of art are largely different. They are different in their techniques and approaches, their ways of expressing things, the feelings they project, and the visual effects they produce. So the artistic styles of the West and East have taken two different paths.” This identifies the difference between western and eastern culture. From the very beginning the eastern culture has been semi-divine culture, with emphasis on the spirit of the subject, the inner meanings and its allure. Western culture also passed down from Gods to humans, but its emphasis is on human surface with stress on precise, superb techniques, and superlative and realistic artistry. Both are unbelievably different. As we pass on the apex of the hand off over disdain and regulation for change, progress or innovation; we indeed see a vast difference in cultures. Obviously, the Culture of western has its own advantages, and Eastern has its own, the question prevails if one or both or none is advantages are in conflict. Western culture represents knowledge developed from the reason that has been made possible because of a vast accumulation of understanding related to human nature, including nature and reality, happiness, rights, individualism and science and technology. It is an...

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