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The world we live in is composed of an immense diversity of different life styles. One of the main differences within this diversity of life style is the differences between the East and West. Eastern and Western life styles are different from each other in many different perspectives. Some consider western life better than eastern life but I believe that eastern life is far better than western life.

Firstly people say life in western part of the world has all comforts of life, but actually they stands on materialism. They are always in the mad race of wealth. They never stand for spiritualism, and don’t even consider their life after death. Western people in spite of earning more won’t get any happiness of life. They are living a miserable and dissatisfied life in spite of all the wealth and comfort.

Secondly, people say that western are always there for their rights, but actually they want people to consider themselves as superior. They don’t want to listen anybody else. They even not tolerate other views. They are quarrelsome and aggressive. They are the inventors of hydrogen and atom bombs with which they can destroy others and get their rights. They consider this the right way for their rights. They live in constant fear of war and destruction. Even if they get all their rights, they still remain unsatisfied because of their selfish nature of dominancy.

Thirdly, people say that western people have the independent life, but actually they are aggressive enough that they cannot live as a family. They even don’t respect their elders. Their lonely life leads them to take drugs and other medicine just to have some sleep. Their life becomes tougher sometimes that many of them then indulge in different crimes. They talk a lot about the rights but they don’t even fulfill the right of their parents and leave them alone in old age houses or somewhere and start living separately and call that independent life that leads to great misery for their parents.

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