Eastern University (Case Study)

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Eastern University
1.Thinking about the situation at Eastern University, how effective are Lisa Chang’s and Peter Webster’s performances in each of Mintzberg’s managerial roles?

Lisa: Looked up different universities websites to find way on improving student services.

Peter: Dealt before with the union and know that they don’t work collaboratively.
Lisa: Had a meeting with the Manager of Facilities, VP of Students Services and Head of Campus Security. Had a meeting with the Council of Deans. Informed her boss about the outcome.

Lisa: Spoke to one of the stewards.

Lisa: Presented her cause to heads of the university to help improve the issue. Took matters into her and met with one of the stewards.

Peter: Directed Lisa on what to do next by preparing a detailed report for their next meeting.

Nor Peter or Lisa took the chance to talk to the union and know their opinion on the issue.

Lisa: Plans to improve student services by suggesting an extension access to the computer labs.

Disturbance Handler
Lisa: Wants to ignore the conflict between them and the union and go through with her proposal, which does not help settle that conflict but it might grow.

Peter: Frustrated with the union and not willing to find a solution to solve the issue.

Resource Allocator
Lisa: Has to wait for the next meeting for her to know what the next step will be and what she can do to move forward with her proposal.

2.What recommendations would you make to the university’s senior management? How would this help?

The university senior management should solve the issue with labor relations, it should change its structure to a more flexible one which will help solve the labor relation issue and would make everyone minds set on one objective...
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