Eastern Religion Research Paper

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Religion on Adolescents
How Religion Can Affect an Adolescent’s Well Being


Max Terrien


Eastern Religion RELS 1275
1. Introduction

Young adults and adolescents are at a stage where they are energetic, young and full of life. This is the stage before growing up to be an adult, who needs a job and need to act mature. In our modern society, we hear more news about teenagers that has had an accident from drug use, alcohol, and even unprotected sex. It is now a vicious cycle amongst adolescents. We all understand this difficult phase because of the social pressure created from society. People need to be accepted into groups and show that by taking risks. It is most definitely a psychological factor, like drinking alcohol that encourages them to try at a young age. Alcohol is a taste that people develop to like further in life. For example wine, where it is normal in my culture that a tasty glass of wine for adults can help relax. On the contrary, teenagers like to abuse the substance, in order to feel accepted and do so until they are in a state of intoxication or worse, poisoned. It is a part of the culture nowadays. Statistics show that already 51.7% of the teenagers in eighth grade have tried alcohol in America, while by twelve grade, 80% have tried (Teen Help). Even though alcohol is illegal to purchase under the age of 21, adolescents still find a way to purchase it. If the state cannot fully protect this law, what can we do to discourage teenagers from binge drinking, especially at a young age? If the government can’t really protect its law and underage students still find a way to purchase alcohol, what else can we do? I chose to write on the topic of substance abuse of adolescents because it is primarily the culture only seen in America. I am from France so I wanted to see the difference in culture. I am sure there are many students that have tried alcohol at a young age in France as well, but there is a lower percentage of intoxication and drunk driving in France. It is part of French culture where their family introduces children to alcohol usually at a young age. This is quite regular, and the result is that we don’t see students getting intoxicated or experience an accident as much. This all ties back to the psychological factor and perhaps the prohibition encourages students to want to try alcohol. I believe what can be changed is the culture and the society itself in America. Religion, I believe, is a great way to psychologically shift a person’s mindset. Religion incorporates in ethnicity and culture, so with passion and commitment to a religion, one can really show change and improvement in health. It is a fact that as a Muslim, you can never drink alcohol. This is one of their many rules that they live by, which can really improve one’s well-being. We don’t see cases of intoxication in the Middle East because they are devoted Muslims, and the religion discourages drinking of alcohol, drug use and etc. In our modern society, religion can improve an adolescent’s well being by excluding drinking of alcohol, use of drugs, and etc. More devotion to a religion can improve moral values and have adolescents bring more positive aspects into this modern society. It is certainly a healthier way to live, and I want to see how different religions can affect adolescents well being. Not just well-being, but also adolescents can show a better attitude to life. Perhaps religion can help show more respect to elders as well. I will use two religions as evidence to prove that religion can improve a teenager’s life. However, all religions are different where one may forbid such substances, while another may frown upon it. I would divide my proof into two categories, which would be two different religions. I will talk about the two religions and their daily practices and what they consider healthy living. Religion is mainly about devotion to their respective deity, but religion also concentrates on...

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