Eastern and Western Europe

Topics: Economic system, Communism, Capitalism Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: January 21, 2012
Eventhough Eastern and Western Europe have monogamously different social aspects; both share political and economic factors.
Eastern and Western Europe have alterations when environmental factors are compared. In Eastern Europe factories produce acid rain from the voluminous number of factories, while in Western Europe radiation from the Chernobyl disaster has devastated divisions. Economic factors for each region are very different if consideration is taking into the fact that Eastern Europe was in a way more economical advanced, while Western Europe was shaped around the disasters of major events. Eventhough they both have their fair share of problems, causations are seen differently according to not only when the event took place but where geographically it was located. Eastern and Western Europe were created from the ground up because of the events that shook the reasoning of insecurities, and is what makes the quid pro quo idea come to life based upon past events. Eastern and Western Europe have their similarities when it comes to their Political factors. Both parts of Europe started as a Monarchy, and ended as a democracy. Eastern Europe transitioned into Communism that then transitioned into a democracy, while Western Europe transitioned straight into a Democracy. Political factors are never exactly the same in each region, but they can be vigorously similar in many ways. Eventhough they both have started and ended with the same types of political systems, the difference’s take into effect when it comes to what is used to create guidelines such as who is in charge of decisions of one’s government. Eastern and Western Europe are similar because both began as the same thing and then another divided the two leaving the people without a choice. Eastern and Western Europe again have similarities when it comes to their Economical system. Both parts of Europe started as a traditional economy, and then ended as a socialistic economy. Eastern Europe...
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