Easter Visayas State University MIS

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a.) Background of the Study
Registrar Office is an information section in Eastern Visayas State University- Ormoc City Campus that handles student files such as student’s information, student grades, transcript of records, etc. With that concept, the proponents chose this school’s information section as the primary basis in making the proposed system.

Eastern Visayas State University-Ormoc City Campus is the only state university in Ormoc City located in Don Felipe Larrazabal, Ormoc City. With its convenience in location and the idea that it offers the lowest rate in tuition fee, it is expected that each year, the student population increases. And with the increasing population, this becomes one of the main problems not just for students but also to the information section staffs. And one of the highest populations in this institution comprises the engineering department.

With that, the proponents decided to make a system with goal of minimizing the problems the establishment is facing, that is the proposed Student Management Information System. The said proposed system is specialized in handling records of students from the engineering department.

b.) Statement of the Problem
Based on the surveys and interviews conducted, students find it time- consuming to line up in an information section wherein all student’s profile from different departments are placed in just one information section with limited personnel that could assist students or parents. As known by almost everyone, a system helps in faster transactions but then again, Eastern Visayas State University Ormoc City Campus’ growing population becomes a trouble since it lacks facilities to accommodate student’s inquiries. And to help lessen the burden, the proponents of this project decided to propose the said system.

c.) Objective of the Study
As experienced by many, the growth of this intuition’s population adds up to student’s burden. With the help of...
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