Easter Island: Avoiding Destruction of a Sustainable Ecosystem

Topics: Seabird, Conservation biology, Agriculture Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: May 13, 2002
Easter Island was once a haven for its inhabitants. It provided them with all of their needs, food, shelter, tools, and even the ability to create great works of art. They abused this Eden, and turned it into a disaster, with almost no natural resources. This could very well happen to us, because our earth is the same Eden that Easter Island once was.

The people of Easter Island came over to their new land, and recognized that it was ideal for them to settle. The land was lush; the sea was providing a bounty of fresh fish, and other seafood. The earth was dark brown, and very rich. Everything was just the way it needed to be to support a growing community of people.

They began to farm, and cultivate their land. They logged large fern trees so they could harpoon dolphins in deep water. They logged smaller trees to move great boulders, which they were going to sculpt into monuments to their extraordinary civilization. They were slowly removing all of the natural resources from their land.

Generations passed, and the elders of the community were beginning to notice a loss of flora and fauna. They likely saw a dip in the population of the large fern trees, which they used to make their boats. They might have seen the population of sea birds dwindling, because of the over hunting on them. They would notice a small decrease in all that I have mentioned, however for them it would not be much of a concern. It would be a thought present in the back of their minds. Eventually, the current populations of the island were without the trees, which they used to make their boats. The soil was losing its great growing powers, because of over cultivation. There were hardly as many seabirds as could be remembered in recent years. Slowly but surely, their way of life was dwindling, like a slowing dying flame. They couldn't directly see their end, but it was near. When their major population finally did go, it went out with a whimper. Slowly and quietly they went the way of...
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