easter island

Topics: Easter Island, Polynesia, Moai Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: February 27, 2014

Easter Island.
The Easter Island heads, man made or created by something out of this world? Don’t know? Well I’m here to tell you. In this paper I’m going to talk about 3 things, Origins of Easter Island, The Mysteries of Easter Island, and The Stone Statues. Easter Island is located 2,300 miles off the coast of Chile, it’s approximately 64 square miles. It is currently a territory of Chile, it is located in South America. The Island was discovered by a Dutch Admiral named, Jacob Roggeveen on Easter Sunday, 1722, “In honor of his arrival date, Admiral Roggeveen named it Easter Island” (Graf, 1). Jacob Roggeveen believed in liberal theological doctrine and for that he was banned from his town, after he was banned he went on an expedition to the pacific ocean. When he arrived at the island he discovered a few things, huge centuries-old stone carvings and an ancient society. “There he discovered and ancient society of about 3,000 people living with almost no resources” (Graf, 1) The people had no trees, no draft animals, no firewood, and little food. Those people were know as the Rapa Nui. One other thing the Admiral discovered there were giant statues of heads, “Considering the island’s lack of resources, the admiral was shocked to discover hundreds of giant carved statues. These works, called moai, were of male heads and torsos.” (Graf, 1) Some of the Moai were as tall as 10 to 40 feet tall and weigh tons. Some theories about the statues or “Moai” is that people and scientists believe that that they were made by extraterrestrials, but the reason why is because the statues or “Moai” are around 50 tons and back then in that time they did not have the tools or equipment to move them to the beach shore, and without those tools it would be nearly impossible to move them there. Scientist say the Rapa Nui killed off all the trees and plants in the island, but there’s a theory that says they’re not the ones who killed off the plants, rats were the cause. “...the...
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