Easter in Italy

Topics: Easter, Good Friday, Holy Week Pages: 4 (1068 words) Published: May 20, 2014
Easter in Italy
Easter is celebrated differently throughout the world. In Italy it is celebrated differently in each region within the country. Easter is known as Buona Pasqua in Italy. I am going to compare and contrast the different ways of celebrations in a few cities in Italy. I am also going to compare and contrast the types of Easter meals that are made during this holiday.

In Florence, Italy Easter Sunday starts its’ celebration at the Piazza Del Duomo every year. For the past 350 years in Florence, there is a huge and decorative wagon that’s about three stories high and built in 1622. It is always pulled by decorated oxen’s in garlands. It is pulled between the Baptistery and Cathedral. The explosion of the cart is normally started at eleven in the morning while the procession starts at ten in the morning. It is free for anyone to attend. The cart is usually accompanied by drummers, flag throwers, and figures dressed in historical costume as well as city officials and clerical representatives. Inside the Duomo, people are singing “Gloria.” There is a dove shaped rocket that is known as the “Colombina” (symbolizing the Holy Spirit) and it is usually lit by the Archbishop at this time. When it is lit, it flies towards the cart filled with fireworks and collides setting off an extravagant display of fireworks. The people of Florence believe that if all works well with the explosion of the cart, then it is guaranteed for a good harvest in the upcoming year as well as for the city and its citizens. If it is unsuccessful then they believe it is an omen of bad luck for the upcoming year. Easter Monday in Italy is called Pasquetta and it honors Jesus meeting with his disciples on the day after he was resurrected. Normally you spend Easter Monday with family and friends either having a picnic or in an outdoor activity. A typical Italian Easter lunch consists of hard boiled eggs, various salami and cheeses, baked pasta, pizza piena, and chocolate eggs. More...
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