East Is East (Muslims and Homosexuality)

Topics: Marriage, Family, Qur'an Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: January 31, 2006
East is East

We've been looking at East is East; it's a film about a Muslim family (although the mother is English) living in Manchester. The Khan family are an untypical of a Muslim family because Ella, the mother, I white and an atheist. George the father tries to arrange marriages for his three sons but they rebel against his strict Muslim upbringing preferring Ella's non-religious way of life. George is the boss in their relationship; he makes all their decisions. He controls the family "it's my house and I control it!" Ella is expected to go along with the religion and show respect for George because he's a man. Muslims believe that a marriage is a promise made in Allah's name, marriage ceremonies are public events; very strong bonds are made between the two families. Muslims believe that women and men are equal but have different roles in marriage, a wife must agree with all her husbands' decisions unless his decisions disrespect Allah. The Qur'an says that men are guardians over women; also men can have up to four wives as long as he can provide for them all. Christian's have very similar views on marriage to Muslims, apart from the fact that Christians don't believe in polygamy. They believe that you should be faithful (only have one husband/wife) and that you can marry non-Christians though it's better to share religion. (1 Corinthians). Christians follow ST. Paul's teachings from the bible; he says only priests and bishops can have more than one wife. Although the bible teaches that marriage is between one man and women (Romans 7) Christians frown on divorce as they see marriage as a life long commitment. Catholics refuse to remarry second time couples. The bible suggests that men are the head of the family and that men and women are equal. In conclusions Christians and Muslim's have both similar and very different views on marriage.
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