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Topics: Germany, West Germany, East Germany Pages: 2 (298 words) Published: September 5, 2011
Evelin L Curry
History 300
What is the difference between East and West Germany?
Professor Elise Sweet
July 3, 2011

There are certainly are a cultural differences between Berlin and Germany are definitely developing unified, but not as fast as everyone hope for. Many people in former West Berlin feel they gave a lot of money to people who wouldn't work with enough effort, therefore the east appears to them as money swallowing bottomless pit. The truth is that many people in former East Berlin needed sometime to adapt to West Germany of life. You must know is that people in the East Berlin does not want to become like their fellow West Germans, but simply to have the same rights and opportunities, also keeping their identity. Also there are problems with dialects (people from Munich and Kiel barely understand each other.) different religions, and different socio-economic thinking. (Example, West Germany was capitalist, East Germany any communist) There is a West German political culture and an East German political culture. In general one can say that both political cultures are influenced by the attitudes towards the ideas of individual Freedom, equality, tolerance, and social welfare, which are all ideas of liberal and social Democracy. These ideas shape political behavior. West and East Germany have different economic and political backgrounds which were examined earlier. These different Backgrounds provided different socialization experiences for people in West and East Germany, through which they developed different values, attitudes, beliefs, and Expectations. These again created different political cultures.


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