East Asia

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“I Do’s” in East Asia
East Asia is known for its culture and long history that stretches for thousands of years. Their long history paved way to the development of their rich culture and traditions and this is very evident to their festivities and occasion. One way to see the development of their culture through the years is through their wedding traditions. It is where you will see the intricate pattern of how people live and their belief in each era.

Korea is one of the countries in East Asia that has a very rich and well preserve culture and it is no wonder that their traditional wedding traditions are very colorful. Venues.On the night before the wedding, the groom and his family will travel to the bride’s place, where the wedding will be held the next day. Wedding gifts. Before the wedding, the groom’s family would give wedding gifts to the family of the bride. Gifts might include cranes which symbolize long life, pair of wooden Mandarin duck carvings for peace, fidelity, an abundance of offspring. Wedding Attire. Influenced by Western culture, Korean wedding dressES are now in white and most men wear tuxedos. However, traditional wedding attire in Korea is called a Hanbok, a cloth made of white cotton, silk or a scratchy coarse fabric called hemp. Today, Hanboks are now designed with different colors and can be made with a different kind of cloth.

Hanbok for women includes short jacket with long sleeves (chogori), two long ribbons that are tied together forming the otgereum, a full length, high waisted skirt, and a white cotton socks worn inside a boat-shaped shoes. A sash designed with flowers or symbols as well as a head ornament, head piece or a crown may also be worn by the bride.

The same with a women hanbok, men hanboks are consist of many types of clothing. It is consist of a jacket (jeogori) which has loose sleeves, a trouser (paji) that is roomy and tied at the ankles, and an overcoat (turumagi). A vest as well a black, small...
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