Topics: 2006 singles, Cut, A Story Pages: 3 (1077 words) Published: May 28, 2014
Julia Hoban wrote the books, Willow and Once a Upon Time, when she was only a teenage girl she was going through rough time. Her father was a drunk man, he used to abused her. She had no one to look after her, no one to love her but her self, no one to feed her, since she was a little girl she had to raise her self because nobody would be there for her. She had lost hope since little girl, and she also felt incompetent, and vulnerable. When she raised her self to become a young adult, she got married, but after a while husband started to abuse her which is another reason why she wrote this book named Willow. She wanted people to not feel useless and powerless, she want people to see they are not the only people going through rough and tough time. She does not want her readers down, I've also did a lot of researching about her readers, most of them are going through rough and tough time and they are happy that they read her book because now they feel like somebody understands what they are going through, and also they know to not feel helpless, or hopeless. When the auther, Julia Hoban, writes about her life into a story and what she have gone through, she changed little things for expmle, finding a boyfriend and killing her parents. She also quoted "every time I'm going through hard time or going through same thing over and over, I always end up reading my own story because I feel relief in the end and it reminds me to not feel helpless, or hopeless. it always made me stronger in the end. No matter what I'll always end up reading my own book" so as she always end up reading her book, it sounds like the book is like her personal diary. Finally she improved, she got better and now she's happy with her "personal diary" and her life. In the book named Willow, the main character is named Willow, on rainy march night, her parents drank too much that they asked Willow to drive them home but they didn't make it, Willow ended up losing control of the car and her...
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