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and i really never had anyone to teach me at home. But before I moved to mattawan I was at a first grade reading level and I was in 4th grade so i had a lot to catch in my grade. I also did wresting were it helped me keep a schedule so I know when to worked on certain things. Lawton schools kinda didn't push my learning ability and kinda left me behind my grade. In 5th grade is where i was able to read chapter book and I actually finished one on my one that was about the happiest moment of my life. The book was called little homies it was about how all this little mexicans go thru life as they live in L.A. The reason whWas there a time when reading was difficult in class? Well as a young aged boy i had a hard time reading. As I entered middle school it was more easy for me to read. However as I entered high school I disliked reading simply because I couldn't understand the books and they were never interesting to me. In elementary it was hard for me to read, in middle school it gradually got better, and in high school it was very dull.

As a i was born 3 months premature i had a difficult time learning anything and reading simply because I really didn't have anyone to teach me. Sure the school tried but they simply gave up on me. In the middle of my 4th grade year I moved to mattawan were the teachers took their time and actually gave me a chance where everyone else had given up on me y I liked reading is because it was about what crazy stuff they got into and it was the book I reading another i book i was happy to read was capt underpants it was about a superhero who wears underpants like pants now thats funny. those two books were the ones I first reading and i was happy when I finished then because i was proud of myself.

When I entered middle school I liked reading basically anything that had words in it. But there were books I had to read for class which i didn't mind. The books I liked the most were information book like reading a book about cars...
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