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MODULE: MKT3005 Retail Marketing & Management 2012-2013

Module Code| Level| Credit Value| Leader / Tutor|
MKT 3005| 6| 20| Gil Ogilvie-JohnsGil.Ogilvie-Johns@Northampton.ac.ukDave LarkanDave.Larkan@Northampton.ac.uk|

Assignment Brief

Assignment title:| AS2 – Re-sit|

Assignment weighting:| 40% of module grade|

Date set:| 22 February 2013|

Hand-in date:| 28 March 2013 |


Examine the learning outcomes (b,c,f,g)

Learning outcomes
Knowledge and Understanding
b)Present the differences between retail operations from physical outlets to an on-line presence. c)Evaluate strategic marketing planning for retailers in a global environment. Subject-specific Skills

f)Assess competitive strategies for international retailers and discriminate between those proposing short and long term solutions. Key Skills
g)Summarise and evaluate confidently academic and practitioner commentaries on international retailing practices.

Mode of workingThis is an individual assignment. The University of Northampton policy will apply in all cases of copying, plagiarism or any other methods by which students have obtained or attempted to obtain an unfair advantage.| Format for the submitted workThe assignment should be written for a business audience and presented appropriately. The word limit is 2000 words (+/- 10%), to be equally divided between the questions. Harvard referencing must be used throughout.|

Hand-in procedure
This assignment is to be submitted electronically via TurnItIn. Please follow The University of Northampton policy regarding the submission of assignments and ensure that your assignment is handed in on time.

Grading / feedback guidance
The table below serves as a general grading guide for students to assist in the self-assessment of their work. Lecturer feedback will also include specific remarks on strengths and aspects for improvement as well as overall comments on the assignment as a whole.

This assignment carries a weighting of 40% for the Retail Marketing and Management module

Assignment Task:

Using two different international retailers compare and evaluate the innovations that these have used to successfully compete in new markets.

Note you need to choose two different retailers so that you can illustrate your essay with examples from your chosen retailers.

Word count is 2000 words (+/- 10%)

Your essay must be logically structured, Harvard referenced, state word count and 10 relevant references.


An outstanding Distinction| An exceptional first| A+| Work which fulfils all the criteria of the grade below, but at an exceptional standard.| A very strong Distinction| A good First| A| Work of distinguished quality which is based on a rigorous, comprehensive and detailed knowledge base, including awareness of the provisional nature of knowledge and its theoretical, ethical and conceptual dimensions, together with its wider context and implications. Work will demonstrate sustained ability to engage in analysis of new/abstract data and situations, synthesise data and concepts to design novel solutions, critically evaluate evidence and its contradictions, and confidence in application to define and propose resolutions to complex problems relevant to the field of study or assessment task. This will be the basis for authoritative arguments and judgements and work which meets professional standards in relation to a full range of key skills. There will be strong evidence of competence across a range of specialised skills using them to plan, develop and evaluate problems solving strategies, to challenge received opinion and develop reflective judgements and reports. Clear evidence of capability to operate...
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