easing community policing practices

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Increasing Community Policing Practices

Increasing community policing practices
Police agencies are supposed to enforce law and provide protection to the community. The police agencies are part of the society and ensure that the society functions well. This in turn enables citizens to live a stable and productive live. Policing is important in the society as it helps identify rules and regulations that govern criminal activities in the society. Most countries have experienced high crime rate because of lack of proper policing in the country. The countries do not establish the right policies and this makes it difficult to maintain order. The main role of policing in the society is to maintain order. There are various groups involved in policing. They include the community and law enforcement agencies. Community policing is a proactive philosophy that promotes solving problems that are either criminal, affect the quality of life, or increase citizens’ fear of crime (Skogan, 2006). It involves identifying, analyzing and addressing community problems at their source. Unfortunately, many individuals, both in and outside of policing see community policing as merely putting officers back on foot and bike patrol, or by opening mini-stations within the community. The community plays an important role in policing as it helps develop laws that are effective. Most countries encourage democratic policing and this makes it easy for the citizens to participate in policing. Policing has become a major issue in the society. This is because people have different views about different policing strategies. There are different types of policing strategies that can be used to control crime in the society. The policing strategies function differently. The strategies include community oriented policing and problem oriented policing. Another policing strategy is zero tolerance policing. Community oriented policing has more advantages on policing than the problem oriented policing and the zero tolerance policing. The community oriented policing engages the community in crime prevention and problem solving than the zero tolerance and the problem oriented solving. The community oriented policing supports the restructuring of the law agencies so as to make them work well with the partners. COP also concentrates on educating the community. Community policing consists of three elements that is community partnership, organizational transformation and problem solving. The elements work together to ensure the policing process is effective. In community partnerships, the law enforcement agencies, individuals and organizations work together to find solutions to the problems. They also work together to increase trust in law enforcement officers this makes it easy to control crime rate in the society. Communication is important in community oriented policing as it enables the police officers to share information with the community. In community policing, a police officer is allocated a particular geographical region permanently. The police officer is supposed to work with the citizens to identify crime and solve problems in the society. The police officers work using satellite offices located within the community. The community oriented policing does not focus on responding to crime only, but it also focuses on preventing crime and resolving issues in the community. The community oriented policing and problem oriented policing are similar as they involve the community and other agencies in preventing crime and solving problems in the community. The community oriented policing and the problem oriented policing are aimed at identifying problems in the society and solving them. The problem oriented policing strategy involves identification and analysis of crime problem and disorder in the society so as to develop response...
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