Earthquake Patterns Across the United States.

Topics: Earthquake, Richter magnitude scale, Earth Pages: 4 (1177 words) Published: October 11, 2010
What patterns to you see in the distribution of earthquakes across the continental United States?
In researching the earthquake patterns across the United States. I noticed that a majority of the earthquakes are located along the western shorelines of California and some small amounts of seismic activities in the lower parts of the south east territories of the United States. These earthquakes occur along the Pacific coast and continue southward along the Pacific coast and North along the Pacific coast.

Locate your home on this map and make a note of the relative risk to you by indicating the color where you live.
In locating my residential area on the map. I live in an area that is susceptible to an earthquake, but the zone that I live in does not often have them. The earthquake zone where I live has an section that is shaded white in color.

What patterns do you see in the distribution of earthquakes around the world?
There are earthquakes appearing in different parts of the world on a daily basis. Allot of the quakes appear along the coast of California and in different parts of the ocean. Earthquake vibrations seem to appear every day on a daily basis through-out various parts of the world.

Click on one of the earthquakes on the map and make a note of its magnitude and region. The most known region that was affected by an earthquake on a massive scale was located in the region of Eastern Sichuan, China. The earthquake magnitude was recorded as peaking at a 5.0 on the rictor scale.

Would you be willing to live in one of the red areas on the map? Explain. I would not want to live in any of the red areas associated with common earthquake activities. The red zone is considered to be known for high magnitude earthquake performances. The reason I would not considering myself living in that region is because that territory is unfamiliar to me, and I would not want to jeopardize the safety of my life and my families well-being. I would have to...

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