Earth S Atmosphere

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Assessment Chapter 11 Atmosphere

Match each description below with the correct vocabulary term from the Study Guide. 1. outermost layer of Earth’s atmosphere
2. transfer of energy from a higher to a lower temperature by collisions between particles 3. temperature at which condensation of water vapour can occur 4. occurs when the amount of water vapor in a volume of air has reached the maximum amount

5. the amount of water vapor present in air

Complete the sentences below using vocabulary terms from the Study Guide. 6. ________ are small particles in the atmosphere around which water droplets form. 7. The atmospheric layer that is closest to Earth’s surface is the ________. 8. Types of ________ include hail, sleet, and snow.

Each of the following sentences is false. Make each sentence true by replacing the italicized words with terms from the Study Guide.

9. Convection occurs when small cloud droplets collide to form a larger droplet.

10. Mesosphere is the layer of Earth’s atmosphere that contains the ozone layer.

11. The transfer of energy in matter or space by electromagnetic waves is called latent heat.

12. When the bottom of a pan of water is heated and the water expands, becoming less dense than the surrounding water, it is forced upward. As it rises, the water cools and sinks back to the bottom of the pan. This process is called precipitation.

13. When saturation occurs, an air mass is forced to rise over a topographic barrier.

14. Which gas has increased in concentration by about 0.011 percent over the past 150 years? A. oxygen
B. nitrogen
C. carbon dioxide
D. water vapor

Use the diagram below to answer Question 15.

15. Which gas is least abundant in Earth’s atmosphere?
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D

16. Which is the primary cause of wind?
A. air saturation
B. pressure imbalances
C. pollution
D. movement of water

17. Which causes latent heat?
A. condensation of water vapor
B. evaporation of water vapor
C. adiabatic heating
D. pressure increase

18. Wind speed on Earth is reduced by
A. temperature
B. friction
C. weather
D. convergence

20. Which is most likely to be a vertical development cloud? A. cumulonimbus
B. cirrus
C. stratus
D. altocumulus

21. Almost all weather, clouds, and storms occur in which layer of the atmosphere? A. thermosphere
B. mesosphere
C. stratosphere
D. troposphere

23. Which temperature is coldest?
A. 32°F
B. 10°C
C. 280 K
D. 5°C

25. Identify the role that evaporation and condensation play in Earth’s water cycle 28. Determine whether the average relative humidity on a small island in the ocean would likely be higher or lower than 100 km inland on a continent. 29. Explain If clouds absorb only a small amount of solar radiation, how is Earth’s atmosphere heated? 30. Distinguish between convection and conduction as methods of transferring energy in the atmosphere. 31. Compare the temperature and composition of the troposphere and the stratosphere. 32. Determine what causes precipitation to fall as rain or snow. 33. Relate dew point and saturation.

34. Describe the importance of water vapor in the atmosphere.

36. Predict how the concentration of ozone molecules would change if the concentration of oxygen molecules decreased. 37. Infer Using the idea that almost all weather occurs in the troposphere, infer why many airliners usually fly at altitudes of 11 km or higher. 38. Predict whether afternoon summertime temperatures near the beach would be warmer or cooler than temperatures farther inland. Explain. 39. Predict why spring is often the windiest time of the year based on your knowledge of temperature and wind. 40. Predict how the energy absorbed by the Arctic Ocean would change if the amount of the sea ice covering the ocean is reduced. Keep in mind that sea ice reflects more incoming solar energy than water does. 41. Assess which cloud type...
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