Earth; the Power of the Planet

Topics: Earth, Plate tectonics, Lithosphere Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: August 30, 2012
Humanities video summary
The video "Earth: The power of the planet" is about the lithosphere system in Earth. It contains a few main ideas. They are the origin of Earth, the core below Earth, movement of Teutonic plates, geographical environment.

The idea of a lithosphere system is divided into three parts, inputs, processes and outputs. The input is the ideas, information and the resources of the system. The main core of the system is the Earth's inner core which contained radioactive minerals during the creation of Earth few billion years ago. It continuously produces large amount of heat due the massive energy within the core and the temperature is about 1000 Celsius. This core will create "process" which is the action taken of this material. The "process" will be the lava flowing through below the Earth's surface. There are lots of "output" to the "process" and earthquake is one of them. When the lava moves below the Earth's surface, it moves the Teutonic plates but if the movement pattern is suddenly disturbed and changed then the plates will crash to each which creates Earthquake. The lava also continuously removes the old layers of the Earth's crust by flowing through it. Once the old layer is removed, then there will be a new layer of crust created by the cooled lava. Volcano eruption is another effect because the lava below is very pressurized since they are moving continuously, and once the pressure is too high then it will find a proper way to release it by spitting lava through the crust. lava movement is also moving all the continents slowly, so theoretically the continents will once join back together but that will be many years later. Lithosphere basically contains all the rock elements that created the Earth, starting from the first layer crust to the core.
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