Earth Goddess with Snakes

Topics: Universe, Goddess, Knossos Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: October 17, 2012
The Earth Goddess with Snakes is a very unique sculpture that is designed of a woman that is standing with her shoulders firm and her arms out to her side at an angle holding a snake in each hand. Her long triangular floor length skirt seems to be made up of cloth panels with each layer going upwards getting shorter in length; an apron like item going over her from front to back. Above the apron like item there is a metal belt securing her waist. Her upper portion of her body is exposed at the chest showing her bare breasts. It appears that she may have long hair. A beret like hat covers the top of her head with a bird that sits on top of it.

This golden ivory figurine was founded in the treasury of the Knossos Palace in 1600-1580 BCE. The Minoan religion looks as if it had women leaders in power; however this figurine that is known as the Earth Goddess with Snakes has not been certified as meaningful because of lack of written evidence, but according to Matthews and McGraw (2010), they were used in “numerous households as being honored as a minor household goddesses and venerated trees and stone pillars, to which they probably attributed supernatural powers.” The figurine exposing bare breast and holding of snakes could easily be symbolized that women were creators of the universe and of all life. Because women can compel children they can be seen as a creator of life. The snakes could also be added as symbolization for life; because snakes shed their skin so to some when they do that they die and renew themselves. I chose this sculpture because upon reading, I found it to be interesting because I am a mother myself. I have a statue of a woman holding her newborn child, and I believe that being one of the creators of life, women should be highly respected. I liked the fact that the Minoan religion adored their women leaders. I believe the Earth Goddess with Snakes was put together to look like a strong women of power because she stands strong and...
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