Earth Catastrophes

Topics: Volcano, Earth, Plate tectonics Pages: 3 (687 words) Published: February 14, 2013
English Formal Oral: Mega Natural disasters that could affect our environment.

Doomsday: catastrophes that could end the Earth

Many people throughout the world think that natural disasters, asteroid impacts, and pandemics do not have a great and long term effect on life on Earth; however this is not true. Today I’ll be only telling you about 3 of these possible disasters.

One of the main possibilities of a catastrophe is an asteroid impact. For many years asteroids have come within 1000km of the Earth’s surface and then are pushed back. The chances of an asteroid slamming into Earth are a mere 450 to 1. If an asteroid does hit the Earth, it will send a shock wave all over the Earth and will destroy everything. Temperature will soar to 200℃, everything will burn to ashes and the ocean will become steam. Planet Earth will become a giant fireball!

In Yellowstone National Park there are many volcanic springs that erupt every hour sending out a large column of boiling water into the air. A few million years ago Yellowstone was alive with tremendous volcanoes spewing out lava uncontrollably for a few years. The carbon dioxide levels soared, and the surface temperature on Earth increased by 6℃. Scientists studying Yellowstone calculated that the magma beneath the surface is starting to rise fast. The disaster it will cause if it does happen will be apocalyptic to our modern world.

Natural disasters may wreck cities, but what about a pandemic? In 1918 a pandemic swept across the world by ships and killed between 20 & 40 million people around the world. Today there are many forms of travel around the world; therefore a disease is likely to rapidly spread. Although antibiotics repel bacteria, there is a chance that one day we may not be so lucky!

We can all help protect ourselves from these apocalyptic disasters, if we create awareness about them. NASA has already started to prepare for an asteroid impact by building a probe to gently push the...
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