Earth and Grade Narrative Unit

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I woke to a loud, buzzing noise coming from my frontyard. I looked at the clock. 3:00 A.M. Now I don’t know about you but that’s pretty early for anyone to be awake. So I decided that my feline instinct is telling me to go investigate. I pounced onto the window sill and peered outside. I saw a faint glowing light coming from under a bush. I jumped out of the window and started to crawl towards the glowing bush. I heard a noise coming from the bush. It sounded like a thousand bees swarming over a bear who stole their honey. I was timid at first, but when I saw the creature that walked out of the radioactive-like bush, I was relieved. It was no more than 6 inches in height, and it resembled a pig-like statue. It was a royal purple color with little green polka dots. It was the most adorable creatures I had ever seen in any of my nine lives. It then opened its snout and said, “I come from the Planet Zoobaloob. I bring peace. My mission is to bring back an alien from the planet Earth.” Now I had already lived most of my life as a peaceful, boring house cat, but I always strived for adventure. So I decided to take this chance with this creature and to go to planet Zoobaloob. A couple of minutes later, the alien pig and I were zooming through the air in its U. F. O. that was destinated to Planet Zoobaloob. “I’m sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. My name is hairball. What is yours?” I asked the Alien. “My name is XK51Z9.” We talked and talked and learned a lot about each other’s culture and way of life. I learned that one can live on the Planet Zoobaloob for more than ten thousand years! I also learned that I would be considered a giant on their planet since every creature is less than eight inches in height.

In less than five Earth hours, XK51Z9 and I arrived onto Planet Zoobaloob. It looked exactly like a minuature Earth. I could get used to this. At first, all the little Alien pigs were a bit timid because of my monstrosity and ferocious resembelence of a pig-eating creature. But they soon became used to me and treated me just like my Alien Pig that lived on Planet Zoobaloob. I even had a new name: 123K9F.

Three hundred years later, I had grown homesick. I was tired of eating bite-sized meals and always having to look down on the little Alien pigs. I was hoping for adventure but the adventure only lasted for no more than a couple months. I wanted to go home, however, I wasn’t allowed to leave Planet Zoobaloob since I was their “test subject.” I didn’t realize this until I woke up one morning with needles puncturing my flesh and wires streaming long ribbons of a yellowish liquid into my body. I was sick of ben treated differently and I just wanted to go back to Earth and live my life out like a normal cat. My only friend was XK51Z9. it was the only Alien Pig that treated me the same. I eventually convinced it to take me home. When I arrived home, nothing was the same anymore. The only

living creatures on Earth were *gulp* dogs! There was no way I was gonna stay on Earth. I had forgot that I had been gone three hundred years. XK51Z9 proposed that I should go back and live with its kind. I decided it would be best if I went back with it. I regretted ever leaving Earth. I should of just stayed at home and never went off with an Alien!

Adventure with the Alien
The wind was blowing with a mighty force as I soared through the clouds. An eagle passed by me and in slow motion I watched a lightening bolt shooting out towards me, it had torn through a cloud, it came closer, faster, and closer until . . . CRASH! My eyes opened in an instant, I shot forward, forgetting about that wooden shelf positioned just in the right spot for my head to make contact with a loud THUD. I rubbed the spot where I hit it. When the pain for the most part subsided, I remembered the crash that had interrupted my dream. I slumped down the stairs and yawned and stretched as I made my way to the front door to inspect what the source of the crash was. I...
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