Earth and Extra Grain

Topics: Earth, Death, BBC World Service Pages: 2 (261 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Me and You

The world today is all upside down,
It’s like a huge, messed up disordered town.
Daily, there are thousands dying from hunger,
age of death is only getting younger.
Their life over filled with so much pain,
living on to get their kids that one extra grain.
It’s just so ridiculous and crazy,
we turn a blind eye only because we’re lazy.
Here, we have more than enough food to spare,
but greed is obstructing us from being able to share.
There are so many dying from the food they lack,
but here they die because McDonalds are all they pack.

The world’s only getting worse and worse,
many children’s first word is a curse.
Discrimination is continuously growing,
demolishing lives; without them even knowing.
And all we care about is money and fame,
deceiving others; doing anything to achieve our aim.
Children murdering their parents for their inheritance,
parents killing their kids ‘cause of their ignorance.
How, how, how has the world come to this stage,
can we break free from this evil filled cage?

Is it possible to change the whole Earth?
Just start over and give the world a rebirth.
Back when money didn’t exist,
back when the strongest weapon was your fist.
Back when u cared more for others,
back when every guy you knew were your brothers.
I know this probably sounds absurd,
but just like a book starts with that one word.
Maybe we can start it really small too,
so why don’t we start the change, just me and you.
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