Earth and College Community

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After reading about the DHMO and all of its positive and negative effects, I've come to the conclusion that I strongly feel it should be banned from our campus. It is not only dangerous to us as humans and individuals, but it is also harmful to our environment. After meeting with several students here at Iona, we all feel strongly about our decision when thinking about what is best for the College community.

From all of the reading and research regarding DHMO and its harm it can potentially bring I began to wonder why is it still legal, and why would anyone continue it's using knowing of the damage it can do. Not only is it here on our campus, it is found almost everywhere- such as lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and the ocean itself. What about the people who visit these sites regularly? Are they aware of the long term effects that can take place or perhaps lead to death? Probably not because it is such an agent rarely ever talked about, no one really knows of its background or the future it can one day lead us to. DHMO is simply dangerous, it has been known to create damage and destroy property in many places all over the world including California and the Philippians. It can lead to soil erosions that not only affect the lives we lead, but is also a negative agent to the planet earth.

If DHMO puts our environment and the College community at stake then what is the point of having it around us? There are far more negatives that can accumulate from DHMO than positives, so it's clear that we simply must ban it. We must do something regarding this dangerous agent; we must get it out of our College community.
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