Topics: Precipitation, Rainforest, Earth Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: November 8, 2013
There is a fact that our planet is protected and supported by the tree all over the world. With the recent uncontrolled forest exploiting, some people think that this possibly leads to the end of the earth. In my point of view in this essay, if people keep destroying this green natural resource, they will soon face many serious consequences such as global warming, disaster, or even extinction. 

Firstly, it's knowledgeable that people now have to suffer the climate change resulted by greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide. Generally, carbon dioxide is absorbed by trees, which prevents the greenhouse effect. However, these filter machines are reducing continually, leaving many troubles in which there is global warming. This will partly modify the climate like warmer temperature, wind direction change or higher sea level. Besides, a lot of carbon dioxide may pollute environment seriously, harming the global health. 

Furthermore, destruction of the world's forest will make advantage for disaster as flood, drought, tidal waves and so forth. People all know that trees protect them from flood by keeping a large amount of water, or drought by maintaining the humidity of the world. However, it seems like our efficient shield is broken by ourselves. According to many scientists, in this century, people have to suffer a lot of disaster, proved by the Tsunami in Thailand, or by the earthquakes in Haiti and Japan. Eventually, the unavoidable results are poverty, starvation, losing home and death, which affects seriously the human lives.

Equally important, not only is the human affected but the animals are also related firmly to the trees in global ecology system. If the forests disappear, there are enormous amount of animals have to witness the condition of no habitation and the deficiency of food, inevitable. Moreover, some species which are in risk of extinction could never exist on this earth again. In some recent research, the ecologists find that at...
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