Early Virginia and Its Attraction Factors

Topics: Colonialism, John Rolfe, Jamestown, Virginia Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: September 27, 2009
Early Virginia and its Factors of Attraction
Virginia was founded in 1587 at Roanoke. The Roanoke settlement was unsuccessfully settled due to unknown reasons. The second attempt at settlement in the Virginia colony was on the James River in 1607 and was successful. Attempting to become the first permanent English settlers of the New World the colonists found themselves surrounded by hostile natives, famine, drought, and disease. Little did these seventeenth century colonist know, they were in route to setting the foundation for the most progressive democracy in the history of the world. 1607 commences the era of chains for the African-Americans and exploitation of the Native Americans natural environment. The Africans, Natives, and Englishmen were impending cultural demise and rise under comparison. The New World’s invigorating natural beauty in addition to its economic realm of positive possibilities drew Europeans in vast numbers.

Colonization for the English, in the New World, was sought for numerous reasons. Some wanted a more unpolluted form of worship. Others desired to be in the New World because of the fascinating thought of land ownership, or higher social stature. Many others ventured to the Virginia Colony to escape jail sentences, poverty, and corrupt marriages. Economic considerations often played a major role in the ultimate verdict to break away from England and move to Virginia. The visualization of the New World had been portrayed to be a paradise.

Upon arrival to the New World, settlers had to make a tremendous amount of adjustments. The settlers were greedy people and wanted the good land. The Indians had ownership over the land that the settlers wanted; therefore the settlers had to incorporate ways to acquire land from the Indians. Because the Indians tools and supplies were not as effective as the settlers, the settlers used that for bargaining. The settlers started trading tools and supplies for land. Eventually the...
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