Early Rennaissance Humanities

Topics: Renaissance, Sandro Botticelli, Gothic art Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: October 30, 2005
Botticelli's "La Primavera" is a typical illustration of an Early Renaissance painting. This beautiful painting depicts Venus in what appears to be a beautiful forest. To her right are two women and what looks like a spirit. To Venus's left are three women, all dressed similarly and a man wearing a read robe of sorts. Above Venus, who is adorned in a beautiful dress and a red wrap, is a Cupid-like figure with his arrow drawn. There are many aspects of this painting which make it classic Early Renaissance. "La Primavera" is set in a beautiful forest. Natural settings were something that was new in the Renaissance. Also, the realistic features of the people who are the subjects of this painting also give a Renaissance feel to the work. In Medieval times human features were not depicted realistically and were many time disproportionate. The proportions in this painting are also representative of true human form. The bodies of the people in the painting are made to look like the actual curves of a human rather than no shape at all, which was frequently the body type given to people in Medieval paintings. In the Early Renaissance, much attention was paid to the beauty of Humans. This painting is a definite attempt to show the beauty of Venus. The rosy cheeks of the people and the vibrant colors show a value of beauty which was previously nonexistent. Finally, the detail in this painting is something that makes this piece one of truly Renaissance qualities. "La Primavera" is incredibly detailed, showing everything from intricate wrinkles in the dress of the figures in the painting to the exceptionality of each leaf on the trees. Detail is also a characteristic of Early Renaissance art. One Humanist value reflected in Botticelli's "La Primavera" is individualism. This Painting reflects individualism because it is depicting something beautiful and whole independently of depicting God or the church. Another humanist value which is represented in this painting is attention...
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