Early Reading Autobiography

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Some of the earliest reading memories I have come from reading flashcards with basic words on them, reading closed captions on cartoons (something I still utilize to this day,) and being read to by my mother and preschool teachers. A memory I remember in vivid detail (which is one of my earliest memories) is sitting in the lap of one of the preschool assistants (Jan) as she was reading to me. I do not remember what book it was, however, I do remember I was wearing a sweatshirt and my pink snowboots. I have a picture of this in a preschool scrapbook. Another one of my early reading memories is watching Timon and Pumbaa and singing along to the theme song as I read the closed captions. My mother came in when she heard me singing the word “philosophy” and I gave her a look that said “What is that face for?”
I was always told I was smart by my family (my mother and grandmother in particular, as they were the main people that raised me) and therefore academics played an enormous part in my life, as it still does. I was always expected to make A/B honor roll (which I did) and I do not recall ever really feeling any stress from my academics during that time. I remember reading lots of
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I love reading, as it allows me to escape from any troubles or stress I have in “real life.” If I am upset or stressed, all I need to do is find a book or start writing. I sometimes like to write stories, however, around the middle of the story I become bored with writing and usually shorten it about 5 chapters. I do not really read many adventure books. I like realistic fiction that I can relate to and funny stories. I also enjoy reading manga. The thing I love most about writing poetry is that there are no limits. You are not chained to the laws of grammar and standard conventions. I aspire to become a better writer and reader, although I do not want to choose that as my profession. I do plan to still write and read as a hobby,

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