Early Pregnancy

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Pregnancy, Human sexual behavior Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Early Pregnancy is one of the most alarming issues in our world today. Many teenagers engage themselves in sexual intercouse with their partners, their boyfriends/girlfriends, just to be "in" with their friends. A teenage girl being pregnant in arly stage looked down upon with shame. Teenage pregnancy occurs due to many reasons. Some of these are; peer pressure, lack of knowledge, sexual abuse or rape, and teenage drinking.

Peer pressure is an early stafe of pregnancy, it causes sexual intimacy for the opposite sex. For example, if a teenager hangs out with a group who are sexually active, nine out of ten is sexually active too. Most of the teenagers option to have sexual intercourse because they need to achieve the acceptance given by the "circle of friends".

Teenagers who are uneducated about sex are more likely to have an unintended pregnancy. Some teens do not fully understand the biological and emotional aspects associated with having sex . Their parents must also help them to know more about the privacy and the sacredness of having sex.

Teens can become pregnant as a result of sexual abuse or rape. Between 43 and 62 percent of teen sacknowledge that they were impregnated by an adult male, and two-thirds report that their babies' fathers are as old as 27. Approximately 5 percent of all teen births are the result of a rape.

Teen drinking can cause an unexpected pregnancy, according to the website Love to Know. Many teens experiment with drugs and alcohol. Drinking lowers a teen's ability to control her impulses, contributing to 75 percent of pregnancies that occur between the ages 14 and 21. Approximately 91 percent of pregnant teens reported that although they were drinking at the time, they did not originally plan to have sex when they conceived.

How to prevent Early Pregnancy? Teenagers must control and abstain theirselves and wait for the right time. Only married couples are legal to have sex because sex is very sacred....
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