Early Parenthood

Topics: Infant, Emotion, English-language films Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: January 23, 2009
Early Parenthood
Although it is a beautiful thing to become a parent , its not always all smiles. Its quite parent that to become a parent you have to take upon a lot of challenges as well as responsibilities . Some easy, others difficult . For example, imagine being a teenager in high school ready to graduate with a good GPA, of course, wanting to go further on to college to get an exceptional education and later in life a decent job. Sounds like a wonderful plan, until they find out there’s a child on the way . Their are a few steps to a successful parenthood. First, one must have a dedicated, well built support system. Second, to be emotionally stable would be helpful, calm or non-erratic .Finally, financial security is quite important . It is not a bad idea to have a sturdy support system by your side at all times. The majority of people believe that going through parenthood alone is an easy task, it actually sounds a lot easier than it is. Having a reliable support group, like family members or just some friends or colleagues is always a big help . They can usually help with the simplest errands , like taking out the trash or checking the mail , to more superior jobs like accompanying you to important appointments , making a meal etc., . Once there is a reliable support team, being emotionally stable is a great benefit. Then again it is always helpful to be patient , because once the infant arrives it might seem like total havoc. A infant is not just a baby he/she is also a human being who needs a lot of love and care . Therefore, it is important to be an emotionally stable person who is calm and not anxious or worried at all times. A serene parent tends to go through a happier more easy going process towards parenthood. Bringing a baby home not only means love, care and patience a baby also means being financially secure. Finally, bringing a baby home is a delightful feeling they are beautiful bundles of joy. Unfortunately having a baby is not cheap,...
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