Early North American Cultures

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North American Civilization Paper

Early North American cultures were drastically different than today’s cultures. The earliest North Americans migrated from Asia in about 35,000 B.C., this was during the prehistoric glacial period. They continued to migrate even after 8,000. Over a span of 25,000 years settlement of early North Americans spread down to the Alaskan coast. After that spread deep into the North America, then they migrated down to Central and South America.

The early North Americans reached the Americas by crossing from Siberia over the Bering Strait to Alaska. During this time, which is mostly know as the Ice Age, the oceans were frozen making passage from continents easy.

They early North American settlers lifestyle was very hard; they were completely dependent on the land. They were nomads, wandering from place to place, looking for a good hunt, and gathering other food. This type of living lasted for thousands of years. At about 5500 B.C.E the culture diversified, this was in great part to the people in Mexico learning how to cultivate food crops. This information spread north which allowed Native American societies to prosper. There society was now able to grow larger, and develop prominent forms of economic, social, and political organization. Around the end of the 15th century anywhere from 5 to 10 million people spoke 100,000 different languages.

Of course all Native Americans still relied on hunting and gathering, which was done as a family. Eskimos would sometimes gather together in a large collective hunt. They would also spend the harsh Alaskan winters in common quarters. The rest of the year they continued to scatter across the country. When it came to duties of men and women, women gathered plants and seeds, made baskets, and prepared meals. Men were responsible for the hunting of game, and gathering hides, the political authority also lied in the men, they were commonly known as “Head Men”.

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