Early Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Family, Husband Pages: 3 (1041 words) Published: February 23, 2014
What do you think about marriage which is one of the most important events of each our life? Throughout the world, marriage has always been regarded as the moment of the celebration and certainly a milestone in the adult's life but adversely there is no celebration on early marriages. In many countries, young people between the ages of seven and fifteen are often married to older by the force of their families. What do you think about early marriage? It is a good or bad marriage ? Is early marriage more better than marry when we are mature? I think no, marry when we are mature is the better choice than early marriage because we would have enough ability to guarantee the financial for our family, would help our have more time to understand our partners, and we would have more experiences to build better relationship in our life.

Firstly, marry when we are mature is better than early marriage because we would have enough ability to guarantee the financial for our family after married. As we know, marriage is a begining for a new life. In this new life, financial is very important. Although money is not all of our life, if have no enough money to arrange necessary need in life we will be difficult to bring to our family a good life as well as secure family’s happiness. If we face difficult matters in financial, we will be stress easily and feel tired with family’s life  because of not enogh money, from there, conflict between  members in family may occure. The economical problems thus include coping up with the financial responsibilities. The youngsters thus need to set up their own home and thus bear all the costs of the running house and thus taking care of their own family. It is general tend that they rather do not like to take help from the parents as they thus decide to venture on their own. It rather becomes difficult to thus bear out all financial expense at such early age, as they are not so educated to earn the lot of money. Early marriages without...
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