Early Marriage

Topics: Adolescence, Childhood, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Early Marriage
Marriage is a moment of celebration that unites two people, a milestone and turning point in a person’s adult life. Everyone can get married whenever they want. Some choose to get married after they finish their studies and have found a long-term career while others even get married as early as before they graduate and while they are studying. Unfortunately, there are also other people who choose not to get married at all. To be married is to be committed. You have to face and accept all the circumstances that will stand ahead of you. It is not an easy thing especially when you are not matured enough. In some countries, they allow couples to get married during their teenage years and even allow students to enter university while they are married. However, is it a really good idea to allow such cases? First of all, why do we want to get married as early as in our adolescence? I have asked a few people why they want to get married and their answers are all down to wanting to have children and a person who will always be by their side, a family. It is not bad to get married at early stage but don’t you think there are other more crucial things to focus on to like education? There are far more things we have to learn. How can you manage to raise a child when you don’t have a job because you are not educated enough? If teenage relationships can interfere in your personal studies, what more if you are married? If having to reply a text message from your boyfriend or girlfriend every once in a while can be a distraction to you, what more when you have to do house chores and take care of children? Most people in the country who give birth to so many children even if they know they can’t afford to raise them are those who didn’t get to graduate or even set foot to school. If you are in a relationship and are still studying, use it as an inspiration and motivation, not a reason to escape. Do not rush things especially marriage because I believe that a...
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