Early Learning Success

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Early Learning Success Paper
By David Everett
Prevention and Intervention Strategies
Novemnber 22, 2013

The importance of early childhood education has been the focus of many studies for the long term effect on a child’s readiness to begin the formal education experience. The child development centers that promote a healthy environment that is vital to the development of the children in their care. The families that come from socio-economical disadvantaged communities rely on the services of a child development center to ensure their children have a wonderful start to their child’s early education initial introduction. Barnett (1995) stated that public investments in quality early childhood care and education can produce important long-term improvements in the intellectual and social development of disadvantaged children. Influences of Early Learning Success

The influence of early childhood educational learning has had a positive effect on the graduation rate of student that lives in disadvantage communities. The child development centers that serve the children that are successful usually offer services that include home visits, parent support, in class services for their students, and other development programs for their population (Pinkus, 2008). The study that Barnett (1995) conducted showed that the effect on high school graduation and delinquency was strong especially for the children that were from low income families. The persistence of the teachers and caregivers made a meaningful difference in the early childhood experience of a number of preschool programs (Katz, 1992). The early learning success can also mean difference in avoiding delinquent behavior, special education, dropping out of school, and graduating from high school (Barnett, 1995). Begley (2000) stated that recent brain research has verified the importance of social and cognitive development for early learning success. Life Outcomes Affected by Early Learning Success

Barnett (1995) study of the Perry Preschool facility revealed that one dollar dedicated to high quality early childhood education programs by policymakers’ results in a return of seven dollars in preventative costs associated by behaviors attributed to truancy, dropout, early teen pregnancies, and incarceration. When early childhood education centers provide the guidance and instructions in their early years this will set the tone for a positive educational experience. When parents and family members are trained and given materials to help them stimulate their children’s cognitive development, handle discipline and health problems, and develop vocational and home management skills these family centered activities will make a world of difference in the lives of the participants (National Dropout Prevention Center/Network, 2013). Finally some other life outcomes that are affected by early learning education are an increase in the female labor force; attain economic self sufficiency for adults; and positive impact on the parent and child relationship (TWB, 2011). At-Risk Children versus Traditional Children

The experiences of at-risk children can differ from the more traditional students because of the basic interaction they have with their primary caregivers or adults. The Ounce of Prevention Fund (2013) study stated that children who lack at least one loving consistent caregiver in the earliest years may suffer from severe and long-lasting development problems. The children who are at-risk require more attention to their emotional and social development besides the focus on their literacy and numeracy development. North Central Regional Education Laboratory (1999) study stated that children identified as at-risk of educational failure often receive a watered down curriculum that put an emphasis on teaching basic academic skills. The use of ability grouping, by teachers only serves to create a...
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