Early Interventions to Reduce Recidivism: Domestic Violence

Topics: Violence, Domestic violence, Child abuse Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: August 18, 2011
Tools and Techniques for Reducing Recidivism: Domestic Violence Introduction
In the field of counseling, domestic violence remains one of the areas of increasing research focus, primarily because of recurring violence and recidivism amount perpetrators. According to Stover (2008) studies in recent years have focused increasingly on domestic violence interventions and how effective they are on recidivism. Intervention studies thus far conducted on family studies suggest that despite intervention efforts and efforts to promote education regarding abuse and violence, between 3 and 8 million children continue to witness partner violence, and up to 20% of violent crimes committed are domestic crimes against women by an intimate partner (Stover, p. 448).

Particularly at risk are preschoolers who tend to have more behavioral problems than older children, and those less likely to have strong role models (Stover, 2008; Hughes, 1988). Also at risk are individuals who have experienced previous violence. Key to solving the mystery of domestic violence seems to be identifying at-risk youths and women before violence takes place. Also essential is counseling among at-risk youths. Young children that experience violence are between 100 and 200 percent more likely to commit domestic violence or aggressive acts than children not exposed to violence (Stover 2008). Thus, one may argue that rehabilitation measures should begin early on, as early intervention strategies. Other studies suggest that recidivism is less likely to take place when intervention strategies start at the level of youth and juvenile reform, rather than starting after adults have already experienced trauma and are looking for counseling and support. The number of early risk factors for abuse includes poverty, neglect, socio-economic factors, a history of abuse and psychopathology (Stover, 2008). It is essential that exposure to domestic violence be limited and rehabilitative measures me initiated as early...

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