Early History of Rome

Topics: Virgil, Aeneid, Aeneas Pages: 3 (618 words) Published: April 20, 2012
The early history of Rome
Archeological Evidence

• The Romans believed their city was founded in 753BC, 21st April • Recent archaeological excavations using the Harris Matrix System enabled comprehensive chronological analysis of the stratigraphy in a large urban and cultural area of Rome, the Forum • 2006 – ancient funerary urn holding remains of priest or chief and other artefacts were found in deep pit • dated to c.1000BC, 250 years before the legendary date of the founding of the city • also in 2006 – intact skeletal remains of a woman of 30 found beneath Forum of Caesar in central Rome • skeleton has jewellery including four bronze bracelets, ring and amber necklace, dating back to Bronze Age, 1000BC • she is thought to be a woman of some standing, with perfect teeth.

Historical Evidence

• Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro), regarded as one of Rome's greatest poets, author of the Eclogues (or Bucolics), and the Georgics, constructed in Aeneid; a ‘history’ or mythology of the foundation of Rome • Virgil’s Aeneid can be considered a national epic of Rome and has been extremely popular from its publication to the present day. • The story is about Aeneas's search for a new homeland and his war to found a city

Your task.

Continuing on using this Word document and turning it in via. Edmodo;

1. copy a map of the Mediterranean and label using text boxes or highlighting: Troy, Carthage, Sicily, Cumae and the Tiber River 2. Research each of these people from the Aenied and write a brief overview; • Anchises – why was he lame? What happened to him in Sicily? What is the importance of him meeting Aeneas in the underworld? • The Sybil of Cumae – What is a sibyl? Where is Cumae? What is her role in the story? • Turnus – Which goddess supports him in the war against Aeneas? How does this relate to the Iliad? • Aeneas – Virgil’s hero displays many Roman virtues, especially pietas and virtus....
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