Early exposure to Pornography

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Human behavior Pages: 4 (1200 words) Published: September 14, 2014
How young is too young for pornography viewing ? In an article by Jennifer B. Johnston, she explains the early exposure to pornography and thoroughly describes the indirect and direct effects on sexual satisfaction in adulthood. Her reason for this research was to identify when pornography viewing goes from beneficial to your sexual development that allows you engage in healthy, positive sexual activities to risky sexual behaviors, sexual dissatisfaction and compulsive pornography viewing. Firstly, let's review the meaning of the word "pornography." Pornography is any type of sexual explicit material that are presented offline which includes magazines, DVDs, peep shows and online which includes erotic literature, and audio/visual material. To help explain the connection between pornography and sexual satisfaction, Johnston used four theories which including ecological theory, evolutionary theory, symbolic interaction theory(SI) and sexual exchange theory(SE) . Also mentioned is the sexual script theory (SS) which only focus' on sexual satisfaction regarding pornography. In the human services field, the ecological perspective involves looking into various aspect of the individuals life. This includes examining family, community, and culture that are in relation with the individual, following by identifying how all three aspects interact before conclusions are made. When a relationship has a balance between what they will give and receive in the sexual aspect of things, it creates a higher level of sexual satisfaction for both individuals. This concept is presented as the sexual exchange theory. If an individual is a compulsive pornography viewer, their view on "normal" sexual behaviors may be different and could make them feel like there's an imbalance in what they give and receive (e.g. Men might be surprised/disappointed with their partner's performance depending on their expectations.) This could all lead to sexual dysfunction in a relationship....
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