Early Education: the Need for Preschool for All

Topics: Early childhood education, Education, Childhood Pages: 4 (1455 words) Published: October 21, 2005
Early Education: The Need for Preschool for all, Not only Beneficial but an Investment The No Child left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001 encourages families and schools of the use of federal funds for early education programs such as preschool. However this federal Act falls under flaws. The act states that only eligible children will qualify for this program. Their eligibility will be based on the child age, and whether the child applying for the benefits is at risk of not achieving academic standards. Thus, the family income would be the main factor to determinate the child eligibility (Mary Payne 1). This Act passed on 2001 contradicts it self because many children in the country are still left without an early education. The reason being is that families are unable to meet the income requirements. Research in early brain development show that if a child is exposed to an emotional, physical, and intellectual environment; his or her brain will function better than those who don't participate ("California Children & Families Commission",sec-1). It's clear that early educational programs such as preschool are essential to every child to become a productive human being in society. Studies show that Kids entering kindergarten are expected to know different motor skills that will enable them to perform in academic and social tasks, which school environment demands. In this study, researchers identified social skills critical for success in school classrooms. They also identified self-control and cooperation skills as high essential to a better educational system (Brian J. Cratty 27-43).These skills are clearly important because a child may be asked to work in a group, or to finish an individual task, listen to a story, follow simple verbal instructions, take turns or share, and even going to the toilet. Also kids are expected to have mastered many muscle skills, such as walking, running and requiring eye and hand coordination such as, the use of a pencil, and...
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