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Early College

By taetae2013 Sep 29, 2010 329 Words
Why Do I Want To Be Involved In Selma Early College High School?

Today’s youth are talented beyond compare. I feel that Selma Early College High School gives students the opportunities to not only discover their talents but to expound on them. I want to be in Selma Early College High School, because Selma Early College High School provides an academically enriching experience, Selma Early College High School provides a nurturing environment, and Selma Early College High School will prepare me for my future.

First, Selma Early College High School offers challenging courses, such as Honor’s Courses, as well as, college courses. Selma Early College High School provides an early college experience and gives you opportunities to experience professional internships. By receiving an associate degree when I graduate, I am given an edge on my academic goals, which is earning Ph. D in Nursing. Furthermore, Selma Early College High School provides academic, as well as, extracurricular activities. This important to me, because I enjoy being improved.

In addition to providing an enriching academic experience Selma Early College High School also provides nurturing environment. Selma Early College High School gives students small class sizes, giving students a better environment for one on one career counseling. Selma Early College High School helps students balance academic and extra curriculum activities. Selma Early College High School mentors students and offers time management and study opportunities to attend.

Lastly, Selma Early College High School, prepares me for my future. My future ambition is to become an Registered Nurse. Yes, nursing is challenging, but Selma Early College High School classes are challenging, but yet enriching. Likewise, Selma Early College High School will be challenging, but I know my attending will be rewarding.

In conclusion Selma Early College High School is the best educational program for me and my academic goals. Reason being, because of Selma Early College High School is enriching academic experience, nurturing environment and it prepares me for my future.

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