Early childhood educators

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What contribution to the field of ECE did this theorist make? When and Where? Identify historical issues and current trends in the early childhood care profession. Share an example of how the theorists work is used today.

Rousseau was the author of several education books; he proposed that children be educated in moral, harmonious environments free from adult dominance (Follari, 2011). Rousseau was influential in both Europe and America in the mid to late 1700's. Rousseau emphasized out of the home schooling and viewed children as innately good. Rousseau reduced the importance of learning by reading and emphasized learning by experience. An example of his work is seen today as children learn through play. Pestalozzi

 Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi published a book in 1801 that helped influence the development of seeing his theories put into action. The “Pestalozzi method” was put into practice in 1805 at his school in Yverdon (Johann, n.d.) Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi was an education reformer who was very passionate about getting education to poor children and teaching methods designed to strengthen the students own abilities. He wanted children to be taught as a whole ( Follari, 2011).   An example of Pestalozzi’s work can be seen through field trips, puzzles, blocks, and physical exercise.   Froebel

Froebel made Kindergarten spread like wildfire through Europe and eventually to the U.S. He created what is known as Froebel gifts....

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