Early Childhood Education

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the list of dispositions associated with effective teachers Once you are prepared, use the My Dispositions Target (Figure 2.1) from your text to organize and record the initial analysis of your dispositions. This document should be placed as an attachment to your discussion response. To include the document as an attachment, locate the attachment feature in the bottom left-hand corner of the discussion response box.

In your response:

Describe which of these dispositions (as well as those noted in Chapter 10) you already exhibit on a regular basis. When working with toddlers myself and my co-worker use several of these dispositions listed in Chapter 10. For instance •Based on the discussion of career options in Chapter 10, identify at least two possible careers that interest you and that are a “good fit” based on your personal disposition reflection. Explain why you would be a good fit for both of your chosen careers. •Discuss which dispositions are still emerging for you and how will you plan to develop them for both of your possible future career choices.

Guided Response: Review several of your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two of your peers. In your responses, suggest some further ways your peers can develop their emerging dispositions. Estes, L.A., & Krogh, S. (2012). Pathways to teaching young children: An introduction to early childhood education. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

Table 2.1: Dispositions of effective teachers
ApproachableDemonstrates desire to interact through words and actions CommunicatorExpresses self clearly both verbally and in writing CompetentIs able to skillfully perform tasks related to teaching ConfidentIs self-assured and aware of personal abilities and strengths EnergeticMoves around frequently; participates fully in activities EnthusiasticDemonstrates passion for teaching, learning, and subject matter FunHas a sense of humor; smiles and laughs frequently...
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