Early Childhood Education

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After obtaining a bachelors degree in marketing five years ago I never imagined myself going back to school and trying to pursue a master's degree in early childhood education. Every since I can think back to my childhood I have had so many great teachers. I have always value them not only as an educator but as a strong and compassionate individual. My interest in education began with my daughter, and spending a great amount of time as a parent volunteer in her classroom. In the classroom is where I developed a passion for working with kids, and helping them learn in a creative manner. I feel that children bring out the best in me. As a parent and educator I find myself not just a person who nurtures and cares for children, but someone who is excited to see children learn. I have taught my children how to be someone with good morals and ethics. I have helped them view education in most positive way. I strong believe that the early years of a child's life are crucial when it comes to education, and this is a time at which information can most effectively be absorbed. In order to ensure that our children the future of our society get the best education possible, it is vital that appropriately qualified, skilled, and knowledgeable educators are available to provide this knowledge and development. Two factors have contributed to my decision to pursue my education at the graduate level. First, by attending graduate school, I would have the opportunity pursue a position as director or admistative coordinator at a preschool. In addition, I seek further education in order to refine and improve my level of knowledge and skills educating young children. I feel that graduate school will enable me to discuss and research contemporary issues that are of chief importance to an educator practicing in today's society.

2. How do you perceive the process of graduate study in early childhood education helping you attain your personal and professional goals? The process of...
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