Early Autumn

Topics: Time, Space, English-language films Pages: 1 (425 words) Published: March 14, 2011
1.Explain how Hughes uses setting to reveal the characters’ psychological states and to convey their sense of loss. I Used To Love You
“Early Autumn” by Langston Hughes describes everyday life situations between people. Hughes uses the essay to show how irrational decisions can alter lives. He mentions the time of day “nearly sunset” and “early autumn” to illustrate the relationship between the two characters was almost over and time was running out. The place, “Washington Square”, is a busy street and the people going by shows that life goes on. “The leaves fell slowly from the trees in the Square. Fell without wind.” autumn dusk” depicts the relationship cannot be saved. “Early Autumn” by Langston Hughes uses descriptive words and setting to demonstrate how the relationship between the two characters has evolved. In the story, Hughes tells us about two young people who were in love, and because of a simple misunderstanding ended their relationship and never spoke again. His use of vivid phrases like “Nearly sunset. Cold”, cabarets how Bill feels about Mary after seeing her many years later. Another point that Hughes brings to the attention of the reader is that “A great many people went past them through the park”; which makes evident that they allow people and time to get in the way of their relationship. The Park symbolizes how much distance there is between them. Mary still has feelings for Bill and finds herself thinking of the past. Bill on the other hand was very uncomfortable about seeing Mary again and participates in the conversation to be polite. Bill was determined to show Mary that he had moved on and was doing well. He volunteered that he was a lawyer with a “nice firm, way downtown” to signify that he wanted to keep the distance between them. Hughes applies the words “old and young” to show the contrast between not only their ages, but the amount of time that passed since they last saw each other. In the end, this essay shows...
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